Who can ride?

What is competing in The Redback really like if you’ve not done an event like this before…? Well I think it could be summed up in one word – ‘super-fun’.

“The Redback trails are like no other and the landscape is so different to the rest of Australia.  There is a wide variety of different surfaces from sand to rocks with long flowing trails and twisty technical sections with awesome rock climbs.  I found that every day my skills improved and I found the race much easier than I thought.” Pamela H (2019 participant)

The Redback is a niche event with a friendly vibe. Riders get to know one another by racing on awesome trails in the morning and then kicking back around pool with a beer in the afternoon. Simple race logistics, endless sunshine and superb trails means this is your dream MTB holiday.

The event attracts riders of all speeds and abilities, yes – the flyers up the front are some of the best riders in Australia, but the mid-field is made up of weekend-warriors who enjoy their riding and are not too caught up about their average speed or their overall place. With the new A-Line (long) and B-Line (short) course optiosn it means you can take it easy on some (or all!) stages and atill be part of it.

Many riders come solo or with groups of friends for a new and unique experience in a part of Australia they have not visited before. They enjoy the riding and then enjoy a few beers with their mates afterwards.

Riders can enter all 6 stages across the 4 days and really get a taste for the local trails OR you can pick-and-mix the races you want to do and enjoy some sightseeing in between. The ability to do just 1 or 2 stages is ideal for riders who are just starting out or for the husbands / wives of 6-stage riders who want some time away from the bike as well because it gives you a taste of the action without having to commit to all stages.

So write it in your diary, round up a few mates and book yourself an incredible MTB holiday you’ll never forget.

The Redback was simply epic! A challenge and great fun at the same time… this is why we do it!” – Rob M (2018 participant)

This event for me was the ultimate adventure regardless of my lack of fitness, every stage was achievable. The event left me mesmerised that you could be only 5km out of town yet feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.It’s the vibe, it’s all about the vibe. Definitely want to do this again. Mick Bushell – 2017 Competitor

“Thank you for my incredible Redback experience! The event was superbly organized with course markings being the best I have ever encountered, never leaving me worried I was heading off the right track.  I enjoy doing Rapid Ascent events; this one definitely did not disappoint and has left me pumped for more!” Jessica 2017 race competitor