It’s All About The Ride

If you thought the outback was full of sand and corrugations… you’re wrong – this is one of Australia’s single track hot-spots with limit less kms of single track radiating out from Alice Springs like the branches from a tree.

The single track is ENDLESS up here and provides limitless riding opportunities – from long, looping epic rides through to short, super technical climbs and ascents. All in the sunshine… ah!

The vast majority of the riding is on a mix of red dirt and flat rock with a bit of loose, small grain gravel thrown across the top.  If you’re from most parts of Australia then yes, it is pretty different to home – there’s no dark brown soils or sticky red clay, no puddles and certainly no mud but it provides endless FLOW.

This race features a huge amount of quality singletrack. If riding flowing, fun and fast singletrack is your thing then this is the race for you! We guarantee you’ll be a better rider after your Redback experience, than before!

A fantastic MTB experience! Great trails, great people, great fun. Take it as hard or as easy as you like, just go out and enjoy the amazing trails set amongst incredible scenery. I’ll definitely be back next year!” Ben C (2018 & 2019 participant)

The other misconception is that the Red Centre is dead flat – bing-bong! Whilst there are no large hills in any of the stages it is wrong to say that the trails are flat – the trails are made up of short, achievable climbs and undulating descents that will keep you at full pace from start to finish. This is a fast place to ride!

You’ll find that the trails have a great sense of flow to them as you conquer short climbs and then cruise the single track descents down the ridges and into the valleys for a ride that is full of fun.

Mix the superb trails with a great social atmosphere, snoozey afternoons and a bunch of riders from all over Australia who are simply stoked to be there and this is a dream MTB holiday! 

Riding in Alice Springs

Here’s a video by Flow Mountain Bike that provides a really good sense of what the trails are like around Alice Springs.

Also check out Rapid Ascent Events on Facebook for some great photo albums from the event.