Competitor Services

Riders tell us that they LOVE THE REDBACK partly because they are made to feel special. It is a smaller, niche event compared to the behemoth: we get to know your name, we chat to you at the finish line and share dinner and a beer each night!

We ride and race bikes ourselves so know what it takes to set great courses and go the extra mile so you don’t have to. Here are a few of the services we provide so you have an ace time…

Easy race logistics

Ride then relax… not relocate!

All stages start within rolling distance of the Alice Springs meaning that you do not need relocate your accommodation each night or need a car or any transportation (other than your bike!) to get to and from each stage. We provide you with directions how to get there and many riders join up and ride out together as a warm up. Super friendly…

Competitor Registration

All riders must register in person between 3:00pm and 6:00pm on Wednesday 17th August 2022 at the Event Centre at the Crowne Plaza Lasseters hotel.

At registration you will receive:

  • Number plate.
  • FREE Event T-shirt and Trucker Cap for competitors who have entered all 6 stages.
  • A printed copy of the event program

Note: You do NOT need a MTBA license or day license to compete (although we recommend you are members of MTBA all the same). 

Competitor Briefing

All riders are strongly encouraged to attend the competitors’ briefing at 6:00pm on Wednesday 17th August 2022 at the Crowne Plaza Lasseters hotel where final updates and information on the event will be given to all competitors 

Event Centre – Crowne Plaza Lasseters

An Event Centre will be set up at the official event hotel – the Crowne Plaza Lasseters and will be the social hub of the week. Whether you are staying at Lasseters or not, you are most welcome to come and enjoy the resort’s facilities – pool, bar, restaurant and of course the Event Centre that will be set up all week in their beautiful grounds.

  • Alice Springs Bike Centre the local bike shop will be set up for repairs and maintenance on bikes and retail various bike components during the event. We encourage you to support this local shop for any work required over the weekend. Mechanic work will be charged at standard shop rates.

Also available will be:

  • Printed results from each stage and general classification for the end of each day
  • Start times for each rider for time trial legs
  • Yummy lunches, evening meals and snacks all day every day.
  • Bike Wash Station
  • Event bar, swimming pool and beer garden – all part of the hotel but open to anyone involved with the event
  • A bike wash facility where you can give your ride some love’n every day.

Stage Presentations

Presentations will be held for each stage at the times listed below, and provide a terrific opportunity to catch up with the riders in a friendly, social environment. We encourage all riders to attend.

  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 – Friday 7:00pm at Crowne Plaza Lasseters
  • Stage 3 – Saturday 6:00pm at Crowne Plaza Lasseters
  • Stage 4 – Sunday 6:00pm at the Alice Springs Golf Club immediately before the start of Stage 5
  • Stage 5 – Sunday 8:30pm at Alice Springs Golf Club immediately after Stage 5
  • Stage 6 – Monday from 6:00pm with the main event presentations at Crowne Plaza Lasseters

Competitor Services

Airport Transfers- $15 pp each way ($27 with your bike)

Airport transfers are provided by Emu Run Experience and are available for $15 per person per transfer, or $27 with your bike.

TO BOOK: Airport transfer bookings are best made when you enter the event via the The Redback entry system by 8:00am AEST Wednesday 3 August. Please ensure you complete all relevant flight details in the system; if you do not complete ALL the details, you transfer booking will not be confirmed.

If you have already entered The Redback but would still like to book transfers or if you have any queries, please email us via [email protected] or 03 52615511.

Clothing transport

As many stage start locations are different to the finish locations we will take your clothing from one to the other while you’re racing. Just drop your clothing off to us at the race info marquee at the start line and then collect it from the same marquee at the finish.

But there are some pointers to make this easy for you and for us:

  • Please label all your clothing with name and mobile number
  • Please put all your clothing in a bag with your name, race number and mobile number on it. This makes it easier to transport and easier to find again at the finish line.
  • Whilst we will try our very best, we accept no responsibility for any items that may be lost .We recommend that you do not give us any valuables.

Bottle deposits

All water points will have water and electrolyte available for you to fill up your water bottles and drinking system bladders, but we will also transfer your water bottles to these locations so you can have your own ‘special formula’ whilst out on the track.

Bottles for transport to each water point need to be organised as follows:

  • Bottles will need to be delivered to the event officials at the stage presentations the day before.
  • All bottles must be very clearly marked with your race number written around the top.
  • Bottles will then be placed in numerical order at the water point for quick collection.
  • Empty bottles can be collected from that stage’s presentations – ready for you to refill and then give them back to us for the next stage.


We will have the ultimate bike wash station, fully stocked with KRUSH Bike Wash products so you can give your ride a bit of love after each stage. The bike wash station will be located in the Mercure Resort and is freely available for anyone and everyone to use, with plenty of water, brushes and KRUSH‘s superb products for the duration of the event.

Alice Springs Climate Averages for August

The climate in Alice Springs for the month of August is not nearly as hot as you’d imagine and is ideally suited to mountain biking with cool mornings warming up to approximately 25 degrees in the middle of the day and then cooling off in the evenings. It is likely to feel quite cool to cold in the morning so make sure you bring a warm layer or two, but be ready to strip off as the day warms up (cycling arm and leg warmers ideal).

  • Average daily max 25 degC in the shade
  • Mean 9am temp 16 degC in the shade
  • Average night min 8.3 degC
  • Average Rainy days 3.1
  • Average Cloudy days 7.6
  • Ave sunrise 7:00 am
  • Ave Sunset 6:00 pm

Also be wary of sunburn, you will likely be outside in the sun for most of the day. There is not a lot of shade around so make sure you put sun-screen on before you head out.

Tourism Information

There is loads to do around Alice Springs beyond just riding bikes so why not plan to arrive a couple of days early and enjoy some of the sites, or hang around for a few days afterwards and race on down to Ayers Rock to take it all in.

Check out the Travel and Accommodation page to help plan your holiday.